September 5, 1999 - Poughkeepsie Gulch, California Gulch
and Engineer Pass

Stopping to air down a few miles up the road (bigger)

Stopping for pictures before attacking the upper part of Poughkeepsie (bigger)

Checking out the waterfall from an old bridge (bigger)

The waterfall (bigger)

A bit closer.... (bigger)

Contemplating the hard part (bigger)

Bob attacks the step (bigger)

While waiting for people to make it over, a view back down the Gulch (bigger)

Lockers rule... (bigger)

Bigtime.... (bigger)

Ed begins making his shopping list for when he gets home... (bigger)

For one thing, he wants a Chevy with a winch on it (bigger)

Even the vistors are stuck here (bigger)

Here comes the Director (bigger)

Rick makes it up and everybody is over the step (bigger)

Bob surprises Rick with an attack from his right flank (bigger)

Up past Lake Como and we're almost to the top (bigger)

John x 2 make a run for the top (bigger)

Looking down from California Pass down on Lake Como and the trail up (bigger)

and back all the way to the bottom of Poughkeepsie Gulch (bigger)

Proof that Amy was there (bigger)

The archetypal glacial vally - California Gulch (bigger)

Strange white waters (bigger)

Mike, Amy and John Hill pull into Engineer Pass (bigger)

Mike and Amy at Engineer Pass (bigger)

Second time in two weeks for Amy and Ed (bigger)

Parting shot as Amy, Ed, and Mike prepare to leave (bigger)

This is a series of pictures taken by Ed Beshore and Amy Phillips on a trip to Southwestern Colorado over the 1999 Labor Day weekend. They joined the Rough Riders from Tucson, Arizona for two days of 4-wheeling in the beautiful San Jan mountains near Telluride and Ouray. Dry and sunny for both days, locals report that the weather for the weekend was the best seen in an otherwise rainy Summer.

All photographs were taken with a Kodak DC-265 Digital Camera. All photos were captured at the medium high resolution setting of 1536 x 1024 pixels. JPEG compression was set to minimize loss in the compression of the photographs.

Images available through the hyperlinks were downsized to 504 x 336 pixels and edge sharpened with Adobe Photoshop. Not all of the pictures were linked, although all of the pictures are present in the directory. Some of the photos had the levels adjusted through the auto levels feature of Photoshop. In addition, some of the photographs were rotated where appropriate.

The careful viewer will note that the date and time is not always correct in some of the photos. This was due to operator error. My apologies.

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