Large Binocular Telescope
(low left front view, mc02)

Latest view of the LBT telescope inside the enclosure on Emerald Peak.

Previous recent images:
0701_12:12   0701_12:16   0701_12:20   0701_12:24   0701_12:28   0701_12:32   0701_12:36   0701_12:40   0701_12:44   0701_12:48   0701_12:52   0701_12:56   0701_13:00   0701_13:04   0701_13:08   0701_13:12   0701_13:16   (latest)  

The image is updated every 4 minutes during the day.
The 1280 x 960 JPEG image is typically 50kB.    ( lbtmc02/lbtmc02_220701*.jpg )

Previous historical images:

Starting Feb 2016, the camera is an Axis P1354-E from Axis Communications.

See an alternate view from the mid left rear or high right front.

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