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John M. Hill's Borosilicate Honeycomb Mirror Page

8.4m mirror in handling ring
8.4 meter mirror in handling ring (front side), December 1998.
815kB JPEG
Photo by P. Wehinger

8.4m blank
completed 8.4 meter mirror blank (back side), November 1998.
727kB JPG, Photo by Lori Stiles
(bigger 2306 kB JPEG image), (really big 6633kB JPEG image),

8.4m lifting fixture
8.4 meter lifting fixture, December 1997.
246kB JPEG
(really big JPEG image), Photo by J. M. Hill

8.4m blank and friends
completed 8.4 meter mirror blank, November 1997.
575kB JPEG
(really big 3213x1251 JPEG image) 1912kB JPEG, Photo by Lori Stiles and John Florence

8.4m blank
completed 8.4 meter mirror blank, October 1997.
362kB JPEG
(really big 2616x2084 JPEG image) 6359kB JPEXSG, Photo by Dean Ketelsen

8.4m glass
20 tons of glass chunks in 8.4m mold, January 3,1997. (image by C. Foltz)

remelting from Camera A
Movie of Re-Melting Glass from Camera A (May 97)
Smaller Version 293kB

melting from Camera B
MPEG Movie of Melting Glass from Camera B (Jan 97)
Smaller Version 593kB

Oven Images from LBT1 8.4m (1997)

8.4m mold
Progress on installing cores in 8.4m mold, July 1996. 36kB

Oven Images from MAG2 6.5m (1998)

Oven Images from LBT2 8.4m (2000)

Oven Images from LOTIS 6.5m (2002)

Oven Images from GMT1 8.4m (2005)

Oven Images from LSST 8.4m (2008)

Oven Images from SPMT 6.5m (2009)

Oven Images from GMT2 8.4m (2012)

Oven Images from GMT3 8.4m (2013)

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