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June 02, 1997


1. Description of Tasks

2. Procedures

3. Documents


1. Description of Tasks

1.1 Supply Description

1.1.1 Embedded Beam and Circular Rail

This Statement of Work includes the manufacture of the Circular Rail and the Embedded Beam for the Large Binocular Telescope enclosure. The Embedded Beam is located on top of the the enclosure ring wall and provides the support/interface for the runway (Circular Rail) of the rotating enclosure of the telescope.

Due to the size of the assembled hardware (23 meters diameter), both the Embedded Beam and the Circular Rail will be fabricated in sections. The Embedded Beam will be made of structural steel plates, welded and bolted together. The Circular Rail will be made of rectangular steel rail welded to a steel baseplate. The Rail will need to be leveled, circularized and bolted to the Embedded Beam after the beam has been grouted in place on the concrete ring wall.

The Supplier shall furnish the necessary administrative, engineering and technical support to fabricate, assemble and perform verification testing prior to packing for shipment of the Embedded Beam and Circular Rail.

1.1.2 Technical Specifications

The hardware will be manufactured in accordance with the Large Binocular Telescope Project's Technical Specification "270e500", entitled "Enclosure Structure Embedded Beam and Circular Rail", revision "a", dated 09 May 1997; and in accordance with the applicable drawings listed below.

1.1.3 Delivery Date

The preferred delivery date for the Embedded Beam is 1 November 1997 and for the Circular Rail is 1 February 1998.

1.1.4 Shipping

Transportation of the components to Safford, Arizona is included in this Statement of Work.

1.1.5 Technical Assistance during Erection

Technical assistance during final installation in the LBT enclosure on Mt. Graham is not included in this Statement of Work, but the LBTC reserves the right to negotiate for such services at a later time.

1.2 Deliverable Hardware

Listed in the table below are all the hardware components to be delivered as part of this Statement of Work.

for Delivery
Description of Hardware Item
1 8 270e005 Embedded Beam, Sector Type A
2 1 270e006 Embedded Beam, Sector Type B
3 18 270e007 Embedded Beam Baseplates
4 36 270e007 Embedded Beam Lateral Jacks
5 TBD Embedded Beam Bolts and Dowels
6 7 270e003 Circular Rail, Sector Type A
7 2 270e004 Circular Rail, Sector Type B
8 1 270e004 Circular Rail, Sector Type C
9 TBD Circular Rail Bolts and Dowels

1.3 Deliverable Documents

Described in this section are all the manuals, lists, drawings and general documentation that will be requested to the supplier as part of this Statement of Work. All documents shall be supplied in four (4) hard copies and one (1) digital copy.

1.3.1 Acceptance Plan

Prepare and submit for approval an Acceptance Plan describing test procedures and inspections that shall be performed prior to acceptance. The test and inspections shall include: Test Procedures

The Test Procedures shall describe in detail all the necessary operations to perform verification through a test. A Test Procedure shall be produced for every verification test required and shall contain the following information:

The Test Procedure shall be submitted for review prior to performing the test and shall also be incorporated in the specific Test Report. Test Reports

The Test Reports shall summarize the findings of the tests. The Test Report shall be submitted to the LBTC not later than 30 days after the test. A Test Report shall contain the following information:

1.3.2 Drawings

Documentation packages, shall be supplied in support of the following functional activities:

All drawings shall be prepared with AUTOCAD 12 or 13 or compatible format. Where practical all the AUTOCAD drawings produced should comply with the LBT Drawing Standards. All the workshop assembly and subassembly drawings as well as the "as-built" drawings shall include the following information:

The LBTPO shall receive copies of the updated "as-built" files not later than 30 days after the completion of the acceptance tests.

1.3.3 Storage and Shipping Plan

Prepare a storage/shipping plan and submit it to the Technical Representative(s) for approval. The plan should provide detailed instructions regarding unpacking and handling

All steel structure shall be packed in such a way as to guarantee:

1.3.4 Progress Reports to the LBTC

Reports on the status of the work covered by this contract should be sent to the LBTPO every three months. The Progress Report shall include an update of the initially proposed schedule (section 3.6.1 of the Proposal format).

2. Procedures

2.1 Acceptance

The Work shall be conditionally accepted by LBTC upon delivery and completion of the Work in a manner at that time satisfactory to LBTC. Final acceptance will be made subsequent to the installation into the Large Binocular Telescope structure or after a time not to exceed 120 days.

2.2 Technical Liaison

The Supplier shall provide access to all phases of each task in this Supply to the appropriately designated LBTC representative(s). The designated Technical Representative(s) is (are):

(to be defined for each package at the time of contract award.)

The Supplier shall maintain informal technical liaison with the LBT Project Technical Representative(s). These representative(s) shall be provided the following:

All workshop drawings regarding fabrication and construction must be submitted to the LBTC Technical Representative for approval before purchasing any materials and/or beginning any construction.

LBTC approval will cover only the functional and conceptual aspects of the design and will not cover the correctness of the dimensions and practicality of the machining. Approval of the drawings shall not indicate acceptance of the Work.

2.3 Technical Changes

All ECRs, NCRs, and Requests for Waivers or Deviations will be presented to the Technical Representative(s) for further evaluation, formulation of responses, and recommendations to the LBT Director.

2.3.1 Engineering Change Request

In the event that the Supplier deems it necessary to deviate from any specification or term of the Technical Specifications or the Proposal, the Supplier shall deliver to the Technical Representative(s) an Engineering Change Request (ECR) setting forth:

2.3.2 Non-Conformance Report (NCR)

The Supplier shall report all non-conformities from the Technical Specifications which occur during the manufacture, assembly, or testing at all levels of the Work. Each Non-Conformance-Report shall set forth the following:

2.3.3 Request for Waiver/Deviation

A Request for Waiver may be issued during the manufacturing, test or integration of a deliverable item to:

A granted waiver does not lead to changes of any approved and released documents. The Request for Waiver shall include:

It shall be accompanied by all documentation required by the LBT Corporation to judge the acceptability of the waiver. If any change in the schedule or performance are expected, these points shall be clearly addressed.

2.4 Point of Delivery

All documents shipped as a result of this Statement of Work shall be sent to the LBT Project Office:

   LBT Project Office/USA
   The University of Arizona
   Steward Observatory
   Tucson, AZ  85721-0065

All hardware shipped as a result of this Statement of Work shall be sent to the LBT Staging Area at the Base Camp of the Mount Graham International Observatory:

   Large Binocular Telescope Corporation
   MGIO Base Camp
   1480 W. Swift Trail
   Safford, AZ  85546-8053

3. Documents

3.1 Applicable Drawings and Documents

2__ - Fixed Enclosure
27_ - Circular Runway for Enclosure
270 - Enclosure Track

Assembly / Part Name
Technical Specification 270e500a.doc
09 May 1997 Enclosure Structure Embedded Beam & Circular Rail
Autocad Drawing 270e002c.dwg 07 Feb 1997 Circular Rail & Embedded Beam, General Assembly
Autocad Drawing 270e003c.dwg 07 Feb 1997 Circular Rail, Pieces Distribution -- Sector Type A
Autocad Drawing 270e004c.dwg 07 Feb 1997 Circular Rail, Pieces Distribution -- Sector Types B & C
Autocad Drawing 270e005c.dwg 07 Feb 1997 Embedded Beam, Sector Type A
Autocad Drawing 270e006c.dwg 07 Feb 1997 Embedded Beam, Sector Type B
Autocad Drawing 270e007c.dwg 07 Feb 1997 Embedded Beam Baseplates, Distribution & Details
Autocad Drawing 270e008c.dwg 07 Feb 1997 Circular Rail, Stop-Blocks Distribution & Details

3.2 Reference Drawings and Documents

Assembly / Part Name
Autocad Drawing 270e000c.dwg 07 Feb 1997 Embedded Beam Solution, General Concrete Interface - Sheet 1 of 2
Autocad Drawing 270e001c.dwg 07 Feb 1997 Embedded Beam Solution, General Concrete Interface - Sheet 2 of 2
Autocad Drawing 270e010a.dwg 07 Feb 1997 Embedded Beam Solution, General Concrete Interface
Autocad Drawing 341a007b.dwg 13 Jan 1997 Enclosure Drive Mechanical, Lateral Section
Autocad Drawing 341a000b.dwg 13 Jan 1997 Enclosure Drive Mechanical, Rear & Front Bogies Assembly
Autocad Drawing 341a006b.dwg 10 Jan 1997 Enclosure Drive Mechanical, Plant General
Reference 001s006c.htm 02 Jun 1997 LBT Drawing Standards

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