Dynamics of Galaxy Clusters

Redshift studies of galaxy clusters are being performed with multifiber spectrographs at Steward Observatory and KPNO.

Bill Oegerle(NASA Goddard) and John Hill (Steward Observatory) have just finished up a survey of cD clusters (50-100 redshifts per cluster). You can view a Postscript copy of our preprint entitled "Dynamics of cD Clusters of Galaxies. III. Redshift Data for 11 Abell Clusters", appearing in the October 1998 issue of the Astronomical Journal. A paper analyzing the full sample of 25 cD clusters appears in the December 2001 issue of the Astronomical Journal. View PDF or Postscript copies of this paper entitled "Dynamics of cD Clusters of Galaxies. IV. Conclusion of a Survey of 25 Abell Clusters".

We have also recently obtained 300-400 redshifts in each of 5 nearby Abell clusters with Hydra at the KPNO 4-meter telescope. You can view a postscript copy of an earlier preprint or the full scanned article entitled "Observations of High Dispersion Clusters of Galaxies: Constraints on Cold Dark Matter", which appeared in the July 1995 issue of the Astronomical Journal.
During 1996, Oegerle, Eric Smith (GSFC), John Hoessel (U. Wisconsin) and I are to pushing our dynamical studies of clusters out to z~0.2.

Sample target cluster A2246 at z=0.225:
Cluster Abell 2264

For a list of most of the clusters that we have observed, click here.

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