LBTO personnel can assist you in setting up your room reservations on the mountain and have the necessary keys and radios available at the basecamp on your arrival date. Also, facilities can be made available if you want to extend your stay in Tucson and work at the LBTO offices at the University of Arizona. Please fill out the form below and submit it using the button at the bottom of the page. Please submit this information AT LEAST 2 WEEKS in advance of your trip.

Under NO circumstances should you expect to go up the mountain without the necessary keys, radio, and permit. NO exceptions! Plan ahead!

An agreement to follow the University's Computer and Network Acceptable Use policy has been added below. Please read through the material.



At the LBTO

and depart on

I will sleep during the day night.

Control room and living quarters access only  

     I will also need the following:
    Gate key   Facility keys
    I will arrive at the basecamp after 4pm or over the weekend.*
    Please contact me about arranging a ride with LBTO personnel.**

* Travel after dark is discouraged and requires a phone call to the mountain manager to coordinate. Keys and radio are in the MGIO office at the basecamp. You will be contacted with the information to retrieve them. Use the access code provided by your sponsor to enter both the MGIO man-gate and MGIO office door. Be sure to sign the Red Squirrel log (first visit only) and sign in/out of the MGIO Visitor Log
** Ride times are very limited, basecamp to LBT and back, normally only weekdays.

Special requests:

In Tucson

Space needed: from to