Thanks for your interest in the LBTO Remote Observing Room located at the LBTO headquarters on the 5th floor of the Steward Observatory, on the University of Arizona Campus.

The remote observing room offers five four-screen observing stations, two flat screens for communications (one for the polycom link with the mountain and one for skype), clones of the three summit control room flat screens (weather, telescope/instrument status, and OVMS), and a printer. There is a lounge on the same floor with a fridge, microwave, coffee and vending machines. Observers can also use all the eating options offered on campus (and obviously around town!)

If you choose to observe from Tucson, your team will get a visitor pass to enter the building after office hours. Pickup of the pass and orientation tour will be arranged with your support astronomer through the usual pre-run communication. Parking close to Steward/LBTO is easy at the end of the afternoon and at night. If you choose lodging within walking distance of LBTO or on the streetcar line, which has a stop close by, you will not need any parking. If you elect to rent a car, a 20mn parking space is available in front of the building if you need it when you come and pick-up your visitor pass. We will give you a parking pass for your stay and you will be able to use campus "Service" parking spaces, indicated by this sign. Click here for a map of these parking spaces.

You are encouraged to choose housing close to LBTO. aLoft is a newly renovated hotel less than 10mn walking distance from the observatory. Contact us to get the UA negotiated promotion code for your reservation.

Please fill the form below so that we can make sure the Remote Observing Room will be made available to you for your run.

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