Miners Revenge

22 February 2003; Photos by John Hill

Miners Revenge Part 1

I'm glad I got out to photograph this one!

Dan navigates this waterfall with the assistance of Jerry's winch.

Jerry drives down the waterfall without a winch and enjoys the adrenaline.

Jeff coming down the waterfall without a cable.

Tim is testing the flex on Chris' Jeep.

Jerry's Bronco just barely fits through this one.

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Miners Revenge Part 2

You need clearance and traction for this part of the trail.

Jeff tries this so far unclimbed obstacle.

This was as far as Jeff made it.

The group reaches the escape route halfway up the canyon.

Jeff climbs the double whammy waterfall.

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Miners Revenge Part 3 -- The Graveyard

The graveyard section is the toughest part of this trail.

Doug needs a winch to get out of this Jeep trap.

The door was remodelled on this tight squeeze.

Jeremiah climbs the watefall.

Jeremiah's REALIFT at full flex.

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Trail Ratings

Miners Revenge has been rated 4.5, so this is not a trip for beginners to drive. Two lockers and a winch are recommended. Fullsize and even mediumsize trucks can expect body damage from several of the narrow obstacles. Bring plenty of spare parts.

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