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Steward Observatory 4x4 Off-Highway Adventures

"Ad Astra per Aspera"

Translated: "A rough road leads to the stars."
   from the memorial plaque at the Apollo 1 launch pad on Cape Canaveral.

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John's old truck (before wheelin')John's old truck (2006)Jeremiah's modifications (2009)
1994 Chevy truck01.gif 625 kB with wheelin' dents jacks720n.jpg 419kB with wheelin' dents TrackTruckRRTI2.jpg 65kB
1994 Chevrolet K2500 pickup, extended cab, short bed, 5.7 liter V8, automatic, 31-inch tires 1994 Chevrolet K2500 pickup, extended cab, short bed, 5.7 liter V8, automatic, 35-inch tires, Superlift 5-inch suspension lift, REALIFT torsion bar relocators, rear Detroit C-locker 1994 Chevrolet K2500 pickup, extended cab, bobbed bed
John's new truck (ready for wheelin')
2002 Avalanche avalanche.jpg 1283 kB 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche 2500, 8.1 liter V8, automatic, 4.10 gears, 6-inch RCD lift, 35x12.5-16 (315/75R16) Goodyear MT/R, ARE 16x8 Baja wheels 8x6.5, Realift torsion bar relocators, Realift custom rock sliders, ARB air lockers F/R, 2-inch billet spacers on rear wheels, 0.25-inch spacers on front wheels, Warn 9500ti winch w/multimount, Leed Engineering front receivers, Hypertech III Programmer,

More Fun Wheelin' Pictures and Stories

Salt River Canyon, Arizona (near Globe, AZ)
03 August 1996 (photos by J. Hill)
saltr/saltr01.gif 482kB "Fording Cibeque Creek"
saltr/saltr02.gif 476kB "Salt River Canyon trail"
saltr/saltr03.gif 450kB "Fording Canyon Creek"
17-18 April 2004 (photos by J. Hill)

Robledo Mountains, New Mexico (near Las Cruces, NM)
30 March 1996 (photos by J. Hill)
robledo1.gif 355kB "Now that's a rock step!"
robledo2.gif 761kB "An Easy bypass hill"
robledo3.gif 622kB "Easy both ways"
robledo4.gif 388kB "Even lockers don't help!"
robledo5.gif 628kB "Nice rocks"

Woodpecker Canyon (near Florence, AZ)
09 March 1996 (photos by J. Hill)
woodp01.gif 609kB "Willy navigating carefully over the rocks"
23 November 1996
09 October 1999
09 February 2002
08 February 2003

Power Line Trail (near Green Valley, AZ; also Josephine Canyon)
(Trail Rating)
18 November 1995 (North-to-South, photos by J. Hill)
#16 41kB "under the power line"
#20 45kB "angle check"
03 February 1996
02 March 1996
23 March 1996 (South-to-North, photos by J. Hill)
power01.gif 338kB "Typical Green Valley hill climb"
18 April 1997 (South-to-North, photos by J. Hill)
power02.gif 439kB "Just one LockRight is not enough"
21 November 1998
18 January 1999
13 January 2000
power10.jpg 244kB "Typical Green Valley view"
power11.jpg 302kB "View of Mt. Hopkins from the challenge hill."

Rock Corral Canyon (between Green Valley, AZ and Nogales, AZ)
(Trail Rating)
23 March 1996
21 February 1998 (photos by J. Hill)
rockc01.jpg 2024kB "Snow on the cliffs, but not the cow."
rockc02.jpg 2286kB "Between a rock and a rock."
rockc03.jpg 2102kB "Flowing water in the canyon."
18 January 1999

Peck Canyon (between Green Valley, AZ and Nogales, AZ)
04 October 1997

Chavez Siding, Diablito Mountain, Saucito Wash (between Green Valley, AZ and Nogales, AZ)
24 July 1999 (photos by J. Hill)
chavez01.jpg 2910kB "John stuck in quicksand"
chavez02.jpg 2790kB "John stuck in quicksand"
chavez03.jpg 2847kB "John stuck in quicksand"
chavez04.jpg 2420kB "Through the ocotillo forest."

cakes01 356kB "blueberry pancakes: a wheelin' breakfast"

Superstition Mountains (off F.R. 172, a.k.a. Montana Mountain)
20 January 1996 (photos by J. Hill)
super01.gif 664kB "John's new 35-inch BFGs"
super02.gif 778kB "Superstition hill climb"
super03.gif 395kB "Open differentials need not apply"
super04.gif 614kB "Lunch above the superstitions"
14 August 1999 (photos by J. Hill, panorama by J. Valenzuela)

"Superstition Panorama"   (small)   (medium)   (large)  
super10.jpg 1338kB "Superstition Panorama - center"
super11.jpg 1379kB "Superstition Panorama - right"
super12.jpg 1324kB "Superstition Panorama - left"

Cochran and Box Canyon (near Florence, AZ)
21 January 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
cochr01.gif 718kB "Bob negociating a boulder in Box Canyon."
cochr02.gif601 kB
cochr03.gif669 kB "Cochran beehive ovens"
18 March 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
cochr04.gif 795kB "Wildflowers near Walnut Canyon."
cochr05.gif 633kB "Cochran beehive ovens"
cochr06.gif 780kB "Beehive ovens up close."
cochr07.gif 542kB "Flowers and cactus near Cochran."
04 April 1999

Cochran Beehive Ovens and Superstitions Mountains, 24-25 March 2012
El Camino del Diablo
28 February - 01 March 1998 (photos by J. Hill)
diabl01.jpg 1929kB "Our convoy of trucks"
diabl02.jpg 2329kB "Wild flowers along the trail"
diabl03.jpg 1914kB "Wide open spaces."

The Pizza Run/Charoleau Gap (F.R. 736 near Oracle, AZ)
05 November 1995
pizza01.gif 242kB "Fame if not fortune."
13 January 1996 (photos by J. Waack)
pizza02.gif 242kB "Nowhere without a good spotter."
pizza03.gif 242kB "Cruisin' the step."
pizza04.gif 242kB "Articulation Hill."
18 April 1998 (photos by J. Waack)
pizza10.jpg 1895kB "The smart ones turn back here."
pizza11.jpg 2149kB "Watch out for that rock."
pizza12.jpg 2082kB "Down the step."
pizza13.jpg 2032kB "Roll up the window if it gets any deeper."
24 November 2000 (photos by J. Hill)
pizza20.jpg 343kB "Up the step....."
pizza21.jpg 351kB "...and almost over!"
pizza22.jpg 323kB "Down in the creek."
pizza23.jpg 253kB "Scenic but slippery."

Movie of John's Truck climbing the step in Charoleau Gap courtesy of Chris Grier
Story behind the movie 05 August 2006

Rice Peak in the Santa Catalina Moutains (F.R. 29/29C/4478 near Oracle, AZ)

Snow on the trail in the shady places along Oracle Ridge.

Silverbell Mtns./Aguirre Valley (near Silverbell, AZ)
06 January 1996

Paige Canyon/Espiritu Canyon (near Cascabel, AZ)
22 December 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
paige01.gif 758kB "Wheelin' in Paige Canyon"
paige02.gif 823kB "Fall leaves in Paige Canyon"
paige03.gif 822kB "End of the trail in Paige Canyon"
paige04.gif 729kB "Stuck in San Pedro quick gravel"

Espiritu Canyon (near Redington, AZ)
19 July 2008
02 January 2012

Turkey Creek (near Klondyke, AZ)
24-25 November 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
#22 60kB "Wheelin' in Turkey Creek"
#24 46kB "Scenery in Turkey Creek"
#29 36kB "Bob and John W. scouting the way above Saddle Canyon"
#31 32kB "Climbing carpet hill"
#32 33kB "John W. and his tall Suzuki"
#33 48kB "The purpose of long wheelbases"
#35 44kB "Saguaro at Copper Creek"
#36 42kB "'burban in the bush near Copper Creek"
#37 45kB "What they mean by bushwhacking"

Jackson Cabin (Muleshoe Preserve near Benson/Wilcox, AZ)
20 July 2002 (photos by L. Miglietta)
1231 447kB "Muleshoe Ranch sign"
1235 408kB "Typical scenery in the Galiuros Mtns."
1236 417kB "The road is reasonably graded."
1237 419kB "More scenic cliffs....."
1239 402kB "John's truck"
1245 428kB "Road down into the canyon"
1246 437kB "Jackson Cabin"
1248 436kB "Flat tire on the way home"
1251 393kB "Lots of help"
1252 431kB "Ready to roll again"

Eagle Creek (near Morenci, AZ)
(Trail Rating)
11-12 November 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
#01 55kB "Wheelin' in Eagle Creek"
#02 57kB "Near hot springs"
#03 53kB "Golden cottonwoods along Eagle Creek"
#04 65kB "Wheelin' in Eagle Creek"
#05 46kB "View from the bat cave"
#06 43kB "Sun on Eagle Creek"
#07 63kB "Camping on Eagle Creek"
#08 58kB "Camping on Eagle Creek"
#12 53kB "Climbing the gravel bar"
#14 47kB "John H. stuck in the sand"
#18 63kB "Bighorn ram blocking the trail"
#20 57kB "Bighorn sheep in Eagle Creek"
#02 34kB "John W. and his Suzuki in the soup"
18-19 May 1996 (photos by J. Hill)
#16 42kB "Curt visits the bat cave."
#17 43kB "Bighorn sheep along Eagle Creek."
#18 46kB "Hey, don't hit that bighorn."
#19 42kB "Gary, that sand is pretty soft."
#20 36kB "Gila River just below the San Francisco."
#21 30kB "Willy cruising on the Gila River flats."
28-29 November 1997 (photos by J. Hill)
eagle01 158kB "Bat Cave"
eagle02 263kB "Fall colors along Eagle Creek."
eagle03 247kB "Drake's mistake."

13-14 November 1999
000128n 451kB "The splinted strut."
000128m 411kB "Dr. Waack - master of hose clamps and duct tape."

Gila Box (1995 expeditions, along the Gila River near Safford, AZ)
Trail Rating and Topographic Maps for the Gila Box
8-9 September 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
gila101.gif 644kB "Come this way Bob."
gila102.gif 499kB "Jeff fording the Gila River."
gila103.gif 334kB "A little too deep?"
gila104.gif 599kB "Bighorn sheep along the Gila River"

The "Free Willy" Expedition (also on the Gila River via the San Francisco River)
13-14 September 1995 (photos by Hal Halbedel)
gila201.gif 736kB "John H. crossing the San Francisco River."
gila202.gif 706kB "Gila Box Transmission Shop"
gila203.gif 649kB "Bob fording the Gila River."
gila204.gif 605kB "Winching Bob out of the sand."
gila205.gif 517kB "Willy is free!"
gila206.gif 517kB "Suburban or yacht?"

Gila Box (1996 expeditions, along the Gila River and the lower San Francisco River near Safford, AZ)
Trail Rating and Topographic Maps for the Gila Box
15-16 June 1996 (photos by J. Hill)
gila300 458kB "Tucson Rough Riders fording the Gila."
gila301 613kB "Bighorn sheep at 1PM in the Gila Box."
gila302 573kB "Rough Riders on the flats below the San Francisco River."
gila307 708kB "Willy climbing a Gila River sand dune."
gila308 725kB "Rough Riders crossing the San Francisco River."
gila309 542kB "Rough Riders circle the wagons along the San Francisco River."
15-16 June 1996 (photos by Gary H.)
gila303 609kB "Chevy or sand worm?"
gila304 562kB "Why the letters are wearing off John's sidewalls."
gila305 651kB "Willy climbing a San Francisco River dune."
gila306 676kB "Rough Riders at rest along the San Francisco River."

Gila Box (1997 expeditions, along the Gila River near Safford, AZ)
Trail Rating and Topographic Maps for the Gila Box
5-6 July 1997 (photos by Dave and Rita Mercer)
#07 17kB "Ready for wheelin' at Houghton & I-10"
#08 23kB "Gila Box entrance at Bonita Creek"
#09 64kB "Jeep"
#10 16kB "Kids enjoying the Gila"
#11 22kB "Suburban with a wake"
#12 21kB "Double strapping"
#13 22kB "One of many river crossings"
#14 25kB "Scenic river banks"
#15 19kB "Ford"
#16 16kB "Suzuki Splash!"
#17 17kB "Suzuki"
#18 18kB "Suzuki"
#19 18kB "Don't drive into mud like this"
#21 17kB "You want us to drive where?"
#22 18kB "Suburban or whale?"
#23 19kB
#24 20kB
#25 14kB
#26 23kB
#27 22kB
#28 21kB
#31 22kB
#32 18kB "Climbing the sand bar
#34 19kB
#35 21kB
#36 19kB "Campsite on sandbar where the San Francisco River joins the Gila River"
#37 18kB
#39 24kB
#41 20kB
#42 22kB
#43 19kB
#44 19kB "Jeep on a rope"
#45 21kB "Suzukis are so light they float."
#46 21kB
#47 17kB
#48 19kB
#49 19kB
#51 22kB
#52 21kB
#55 34kB
#56 11kB
#57 21kB "Willows along the San Francisco River"

Gila Box (1998 expeditions, along the Gila River near Safford, AZ)
Trail Rating and Topographic Maps for the Gila Box
13 June 1998
3-4 July 1998 (photos by J. Hill)
gila505.jpg 1216kB "Climbing the sand banks."
gila503.jpg 1249kB "Camping on the banks of the Gila."
gila502.jpg 1299kB "Captain, we are taking on water."
gila501.jpg 1478kB "Luciano is ready to abandon ship."
gila504.jpg 1092kB "Suburban surf."
31 October 1998

Gila Box (1999 expeditions, along the Gila River near Safford, AZ)
Trail Rating and Topographic Maps for the Gila Box
15 May 1999

Upper San Francisco River (1999 expeditions, near Clifton, AZ)
(Trail Rating)
03 June 1999
#09 292kB "Cholla cactus in bloom."
#10 228kB "View from a river crossing."
#11 805kB "Cliff dwellings."
Lower San Francisco River (October 2004)
Upper San Francisco River and Gila Forest (October 2009)

Buehman Canyon (near Redington, AZ)
15 April 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
buehm01.gif 446kB "Bobby and the boiler for a steam winch."
buehm02.gif 482kB "Cristate saguaro cactus."
buehm03.gif 746kB "Narrows along Buehman Wash."
24 August 1996 (photos by J. Hill)
buehm04.gif 561kB "Buehman Wash narrows in the dry season."
07 February 1998

Redfield Canyon (near Redington, AZ)
24 August 1996 (photos by J. Hill)
redf01.gif 604kB "Lunch under the Redfield Canyon cottonwoods."

Cave Creek
11 February 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
cavec01.gif 794kB "John W. bouncing over boulders."
cavec02.gif 833kB "Bob crossing Cave Creek."

Chimney Rock/Bullock Canyon (near Tucson, AZ)
31 March 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
chimn01.gif 771kB "John W. cruisin' Bullock Canyon"
chimn02.gif 711kB "Turn where?"
13 May 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
chimn03.gif 755kB "Hey Carlos, don't hit that bush!"

Chivo Falls, Redington Loop, and Italian Trap (near Tucson, AZ)
04 February 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
chivo01.gif 587kB "Chivo Falls"
chivo02.gif 652kB "Kirk O. in Italian Trap."
chivo03.gif 658kB "John W.'s Suzuki in Italian Trap (still dry)."
chivo04.gif 800kB "Kirk O. climbing The Chute."
chivo05.gif 806kB "John W. climbing The Chute."
22 July 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
chivo06.gif 329kB "Wheelin' caravan on the Chute Trail."
chivo07.gif 704kB "Paul S. descending the Chute."
chivo08.gif 406kB "Richard's 2-wheel drive Dodge on the Chute Trail."
19 August 1995 (photos by D. Taylor)
tug.gif 212kB "Winching in Italian Trap"
samy1.gif 186kB "Suzuki departing on runway 5"
samy2.gif 175kB "Up, Up ............."
samy3.gif 175kB "..........and away!"
samy4.gif 221kB "Cruisin' in Tanque Verde Creek"
21 September 1996
01 January 1997
01 January 1998
chivo09.jpg 223kB "Popeye does a little on-trail welding."
01 January 2000 (photos by Michael McAuliffe)
000101a.jpg 214kB "John puts a dent in his door..."
000101b.jpg 208kB "...trying to climb the western stairstep at the Chute..."
000101c.jpg 208kB "... and he made it with only one locker!"
19 August 2000 (photos by Uwe Schwarzkopf)
chivo20.jpg 2629kB "It's a Jeep thing."
chivo21.jpg 2678kB "Vehicles that made the trip."
chivo22.jpg 2860kB "Toughest obstacle on the Three Feathers trail."
chivo23.jpg 2773kB "Hills above Tanque Verde creek."
chivo24.jpg 2905kB "Chevy into the minefield."
chivo25.jpg 2646kB "Why they make skidplates...."
chivo26.jpg 2770kB "Through the minefield."
chivo27.jpg 2642kB "What a nice ride!"
chivo28.jpg 2972kB "A very different technique."
chivo29.jpg 2926kB "How did he get at that angle?"
chivo30.jpg 2981kB "Up and over....."
chivo31.jpg 2789kB "Next!"
chivo32.jpg 2783kB "What rocks?"
chivo33.jpg 3149kB "Lunch under the cottonwoods."
chivo34.jpg 2799kB "On the rock steps...."
chivo35.jpg 2628kB "Are you sure I'm going to tear off the rear diff?"
chivo36.jpg 2946kB "....with a cloud of dust."
chivo37.jpg 2936kB "Plenty of articulation here."
chivo38.jpg 2736kB "Water in the pools at Italian Trap."
chivo39.jpg 2671kB "Hey, this water is warm."
chivo40.jpg 2726kB "Very refreshing on a hot day."

Jack Daniels tank and Ol' Grandad tank (near Tucson, AZ)
14 September 2002 (photos by J. Hill)
jackd914a.jpg kB "Purple flowers by the trail"
jackd914b.jpg kB "Purple flowers by the trail"
jackd914c.jpg kB "Purple flowers by the trail"
jackd914d.jpg kB "Climbing the hill toward Jack Daniels tank"
jackd914e.jpg kB "Chevy trucks at the end of the line"
jackd914f.jpg kB "A spot to get your attention!"
jackd914g.jpg kB "Anybody want to buy a Samurai?"
jackd914h.jpg kB "On the trail to Ol' Grandad tank"
jackd914i.jpg kB "John pretzeled his tire"
jackd914j.jpg kB ""
jackd914k.jpg kB "Jeremiah, I need more clearance."

Copper Creek (near Mammoth, AZ)
18 February, 04 March 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
copper01.gif 488kB "Jeff climbing."
copper02.gif 704kB "On the road to Copper Creek...."
copper03.gif 852kB "Mining ruins along the way...."

Along Gamez Road (near Redington, AZ)
15 April 1995 (photos by J. Hill)
gamez01.gif 847kB "John W's first use of his winch."
gamez02.gif 410kB "Fun hill climbing.

Fossil Creek, Irving, Childs (near Camp Verde, AZ)
31 July 1999 (photos by J. Hill and W. )
fossil01.jpg 2523kB "View of the flume."
fossil02.jpg 4567kB "Panorama above Fossil Creek.

Dragoon Mountains (near Tombstone, AZ)
17 January 2000

Hackberry Creek (near Superior, AZ)
26 April 2012

Poison Spider Mesa (near Moab, UT)
03 July 1995 (photos by J. Hill/J. Waack)
moab01.gif 569kB "Hey, this isn't slick at all!"
moab02.gif 694kB "Fun on slickrock."

4x4now list of Moab trails

San Juan Mountains (near Silverton, CO)
01 July 1995
15-17 September 1996 (photos by J. Hill)
sjuan01.gif 325kB "Wheelin' near Bolam Pass"
sjuan02.gif 521kB "Cinnamon Pass, 12640 feet"
sjuan03.gif 557kB "Early snow on the high passes"
sjuan05.gif 665kB "Rock crawlin' in Poughkeepsie Gulch"
sjuan06.gif 357kB "Imogene Pass, 13114 feet"
sjuan07.gif 465kB "Durango -- Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway"
4-6 September 1999 (photos by E. Beshore)
Imogene Pass
sjuan99/p0001730.jpg 1037kB "View from Imogene Pass toward Telluride"
Poughkeepsie Gulch
sjuan99/p0001771.jpg 1785kB "A little strapping in Poughkeepsie Gulch"

San Juan Mountains - September 2008

The above images are from various 4-wheelin' trips we have taken since November 1994. While the majority of the participants are employees of Steward Observatory along with friends and family, these trips are completely recreational and in no way represent official activities of Steward Observatory or the University of Arizona. Some of the trips are organized jointly with the Tucson Rough Riders.

Our trips include a mixture of rock crawling, hill climbing and dry river running. Some of these trails would be rated "vehicle damage likely" so explore them at your own risk. We always do our best to adhere to the principles of Tread Lightly! wherever we go and encourage you to do the same. I've tried to describe the trails based on the ASA4WDC trail rating system. To read more about our trucks, see our Truck Specifications page for John H., John W. and Bob P.

Send email if you'd like to hear about future trips to jhill@as.arizona.edu. Fortunately, southern Arizona is laced with old mining roads and more or less dry river beds, so there is little danger that we are going to run out of trails to explore. Then we have New Mexico, Colorado, Utah .....

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