Peck Canyon

October 1997

Written by John Hill Sat Oct 11 12:00 MST 1997

Here's a report on the 4x4 trip we took in Peck Canyon on Saturday October 4, 1997. Participants included Bob Peterson and Bobby in Bob's 87 Chevy Suburban (lifted, rear locker, 33-inch tires), John Hill in his 94 Chevy K2500 extended cab (lifted, rear locker, 35-inch tires, XD9000 winch), and John Waack in his Suzuki Samurai (lifted, two lockers, 33-inch tires. Despite being October the temperatures were in the high 90's. The day started with Mexican breakfast at Micha's in South Tucson.

To reach the trail use I-19 exit 22, Peck Canyon, and follow the frontage road north 1/4 mile. Turn west on Peck Canyon road and follow the road up the canyon until it turns to dirt. The road goes up out of the canyon and then drops back down in. (We never found the trails on the topo map that run in the canyon the whole way --- maybe they were obliterated in the 1983 floods?) We wound up exploring both FR 4148 which forks to a side canyon to the North, and FR 4149 which follows Peck Canyon up to Peck's well.

The FR 4148 branch is easy going (trail rating = 3) most of the way. We saw a few deer along the way. There is a steep and long hill climb about 1.5 miles from the end of the trail that put our lockers to work (trail rating = 4). Probably a long wheelbase truck with posi-traction could make it. The view from the top of the ridge is quite nice. The trail ends at a mining prospect. We decided not to attempt the last 100 yards which is a steep hill covered with loose dirt.

The FR 4149 trail follows Peck Canyon. Since there was little water, the going was easy (trail rating = 3), but this could be quite an adventure in the wet season when the wash is flowing.

Vehicle damage for the day included the breather tube off Bob's front differential and the bolts out of John's front driveshaft.

Historical Note

There is a history connected to Peck Canyon, near Nogales, AZ. It was a homestead in the late 1800's, and a renegade Apache band wiped out a family at Peck Canyon. Their name was Peck, Arthur Leslie Peck. He survived, he had travelled to Nogales for supplies. Do you know more details of this episode in Arizona history? If so, please send email to Mary Barbara who is the great-grandaughter of Mr. Peck.

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