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LUCIFER Mask Software (LMS)

To install LMS Version 1.62 (lms_v162) on an Intel Mac running OS X 10.6 (it should also work for 10.5):

1. Download lms_v162 (lms_v162.tar.gz 10.7MB). By default it should show up in ~/Downloads unless you have changed this. The Mac should gunzip the package, leaving a .tar file. If not, double-click on the .gz file in the finder. Double-click the .tar file to unpack it to a folder (directory) called LMS_v162.

2. Edit the file LMS_v162/bin/ and make the following two changes:

3. Edit the file LMS_162/lib/liblmsPlugins.tcl/lms.tcl file and make the following change:

For some reason, although HOSTNAME is defined correctly, uncommenting the HOSTNAME line did not work (at least in my quick tests).

4. Move the LMS_162 directory from its current location to the /Applications folder. If you are not an administrative user, you will need to authenticate this operation with an admin username/password.

5. Download the latest Mac OS X binary for Skycat from ESO. The dowload manager (.dmg file) will open a finder with in it. Drag this icon to the /Applications folder as you did with lms_v162 and authenticate if necessary.

6. Check that your HOST environment variable is set correctly to allow LMS to properly display the overlays on Skycat.
In an X11 xterm type the command "set | grep HOST", you should see something like:

but the script wants a real name for the computer (mine is "galileo"). The same should be true for laptops as well as workstations. I added this to my ~/.bashrc file:


Once you make this change, restart X11. Note that the capitalization on HOST is important as scisoft's iraf installation uses a lowercase "host" environment variable to locate the iraf installation:


That should be it! To start up the LMS software and check that it runs, do the following:

You should see an outline of the LUCIFER field of view come up superimposed on whatever background image you loaded, along with some other markings as described in the lms manual. At this point you should be ready to go. Refer to the LMS manual for the details. It can be found in /Applications/LMS_v162/LMS_UserManual_v162.pdf or at this link.