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Lodging Information

Please note that room on the mountain is limited. The only people with automatic permission to stay overnight on the mountain are LBTO/ETS staff directly involved with project support or operations on site; those astronomers serving as observers for the institutional partner scheduled on that date; or visiting members of partner commissioning teams who have made advance arrangements. All potential visitors should use the LBT Visitor Reservations Request form to make room reservations. Please submit your travel information to the LBT personnel at least 2 weeks in advance of your travel. This way we can make sure the necessary keys, permits, and bedrooms are ready for you when you need them. All members of an observing team must send in separate reservations! The keys. radios, and permits will be available at the MGIO base camp near Safford. If you will be arriving there outside of their normal working hours (M-Th 7:00-16:30) please contact us in advance so we can explain the off-hours procedures or make other arrangements.

The LBT has twelve single dorm/bedrooms on the same level as the observing room. Linens, towels, and soap are provided so you do not need to bring those. In most cases bathrooms are shared by multiple rooms. There is a handicap-accessible room available. There is (currently) no charge for use of these rooms, but visitors are responsible for keeping their rooms tidy. The general recommendation is to put the used towels and bed sheets in the pillowcase and leave them in the hall outside the room after you vacate the room.

Due to the limited number of rooms at LBTO, the observatory rule is that one shows up at LBTO the day your run starts and leave the afternoon (2:00 pm) immediately following your last night of observing. If you decide to come early or stay later, you must get permission of the current observer as well as clear this with the LBTO staff.

Where's my bedroom?

Assuming you sent in a room reservation in advance, you should have a bedroom already reserved. You can find out where you will be sleeping on the white board by the entrance to the kitchen area on level 2, or asking LBTO personnel on site. The bedrooms are numbered 215A-D, 219A-C, 220, and 225-228. To get to the rooms from the kitchen or control room, go to the main corridor and turn left (to start at 215) or right (to start at 228). Follow the corridor around until you find your room number. Keep in mind that the LBT often has both day and night sleepers, so please keep the noise down and do not let the doors slam when in the bedroom areas.

If you forgot to send in your reservations, please talk to the telescope operator on duty to identify an open bedroom you can use, if there is one.

Meals at the Observatory

Food is always an important topic and here we have good and bad news. The good news is that you may have any food that you would like while you at the LBT, and it may even taste good if you are a good cook. The bad news is that you must buy your own supplies before you come up to the site and prepare it (and clean up!) yourself. The observatory provides basic facilities, including refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, and a coffee maker. Pots, pans, plates, and utensils are also available for use. The observatory also provides coffee and sugar. If you are not into cooking, the frozen breakfasts, lunches, and dinners have improved over the years and this, plus your drinks and snacks, would make your buying quick and easy. We also have an outdoor propane grill but we warn you that on cold nights the grill can be miserable to deal with. All food you bring must be labeled and stored in the proper location and removed when you leave the observatory.

Phone usage

Cell phone coverage at the observatory is spotty at best, do not count on that as a reliable phone connection. Local calls (Tucson or Safford areas) can be dialed directly. For long-distance calls not concerning observatory business, please use a calling card, credit card, or call collect. Incoming calls can be made to either of these two numbers:

+1-520-626-1466 (Tucson local exchange number).
+1-928-428-4286 (Safford local exchange number).

All employees and visitors to LBTO must adhere to the following: