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General Acknowledgements:

The LBTO requests that publications based on data obtained at the LBT include the following statement as a footnote to the title of the paper:

The LBT is an international collaboration among institutions in the United States, Italy and Germany. LBT Corporation partners are: The University of Arizona on behalf of the Arizona university system; Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica, Italy; LBT Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Germany, representing the Max-Planck Society, the Astrophysical Institute Potsdam, and Heidelberg University; The Ohio State University, and The Research Corporation, on behalf of The University of Notre Dame, University of Minnesota and University of Virginia.

Authors may re-order the list of partners as appropriate to emphasize their primary affiliation, but please list all partners as above. Specific references for each instrument can be found on the individual instrument pages.

LBT Instrument Web Pages:

LBC Large Binocular Cameras
LUCIFER Lbt Utility Camera (& Spectrograph) Imaging Fields
for Extragalactic Research
MODS Multi-Object Double Spectrograph
PEPSI Potsdam Echelle Polarimetric and
pectroscopic Instrument
LBTI Large Binocular Telescope Interferometer
LINC-NIRVANA Lbt INterferometirc Camera/Near-IR &
isible Adaptive iNterferometer for Astronomy

IMPORTANT: Slit mask designs must be submitted well in advance (MODS=3 weeks, LUCIFER=6 weeks) of your observing run to allow for manufacturing of the slit masks, transport to the observatory, and installation into the instrument. Visit these links for more information on MODS and LUCIFER.