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MODS1 is the first of a pair of optical double-beam spectrographs currently nearing completion of its commissioning phase at the LBT. Initial configuration and performance information can be found on the MODS team page at Ohio State University.

Also note that during the transition to using MODS as a science instrument that a lot of information and further links can be found on our Observer's Reference wiki pages under the MODS heading.

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Please include the following acknowledgement in papers that include data from MODS

This paper used data obtained with the MODS spectrographs built with
funding from NSF grant AST-9987045 and the NSF Telescope System
Instrumentation Program (TSIP), with additional funds from the Ohio
Board of Regents and the Ohio State University Office of Research.

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Guiding and Wavefront Sensing:

Photometric Standards

Zero Points in all filters are available in the User's Manual.